totem blue spruce

Totem Blue Spruce is a majestic evergreen tree that has been revered for centuries for its strength and beauty. It is a symbol of protection, peace, and stability, and is said to bring good luck to those who welcome it into their lives. We invite Totem Blue Spruce into our lives with open arms, hoping to receive its blessings and protection.The Totem Blue Spruce is an evergreen tree native to North America. It is known for its unique blue-green needles and its ability to thrive in a variety of climates and soil conditions. Its conical shape and tall stature make it an ideal specimen for use in landscaping or as a privacy screen. The Totem Blue Spruce is adaptable to a wide range of soil pH levels, making it an excellent choice for those looking for an attractive, low-maintenance addition to their garden or landscape. The sturdy branches of the Totem Blue Spruce also make it suitable for use as a Christmas tree or as cut branches in holiday decorations.


The Purdue University-bred Tule Blue Spruce is a large, coniferous evergreen tree that can reach heights of up to 80 feet. As its name suggests, it has a distinctive blue-green hue to its foliage. Its needles have a distinctive shape, which is known as the four-sided spruce needle, and the needles are more rigid than most other spruces. The bark of the Tule Blue Spruce is thin and grayish-brown in color with shallow furrows that run lengthwise.

The Tule Blue Spruce is an extremely hardy tree and can tolerate temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also highly tolerant of drought and air pollution, making it an ideal choice for urban settings. It prefers full sun exposure but will tolerate partial shade as well. It is not particularly fast growing, reaching only about 12 inches per year once mature, but it can live for up to 500 years in the right conditions.

The Tule Blue Spruce has an interesting feature which makes it highly sought after by landscapers and gardeners alike: its branches are spaced evenly throughout its conical shape. This makes it ideal for shaping into a Christmas tree or other topiary shapes without requiring much pruning or shaping.

Overall, the Tule Blue Spruce is an excellent choice if you are looking for a hardy evergreen tree that will add beauty to your landscape with its unique blue-green hue and even spacing of branches. With proper care and maintenance, this tree can last for generations and bring joy to your family for years to come!

Growth Rate

The growth rate of the Totem Blue Spruce is medium to fast. It grows at an average of 2 feet a year and can reach a height of 8-10 feet in 10 years. The width of the tree is similar to its height, so it can reach up to 10-12 feet wide in its maturity. Totem Blue Spruce is an evergreen conifer tree that requires full sun and moist soil for optimal growth. It does not tolerate drought very well and requires regular watering during dry seasons. Its branches have a pyramidal shape that gives it a unique look among other conifer trees. Its needles are bright blue in color, giving this species its name. Although it is moderately drought tolerant, it will thrive with regular waterings and fertilization during the growing season. The Totem Blue Spruce is a great choice for any garden where you want to add some color throughout the year.

Totem Blue Spruce: Landscaping Benefits

The Totem Blue Spruce is an evergreen conifer that is popular in landscaping due to its striking blue foliage and hardy nature. It is a medium-sized, pyramidal tree that grows up to 25 feet in height with a spread of 10-15 feet. The needles are deep blue-green in color and the tree displays cones in the fall. The Totem Blue Spruce is often used as an accent or screening tree, and it can also be planted as a windbreak or border hedge. Due to its hardy nature, it can withstand extreme temperatures and drought conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for many areas of the country.

The Totem Blue Spruce is also an excellent choice for wildlife habitats because it provides shelter and food for birds and small animals. The dense foliage provides a good nesting spot for birds, while the cones provide food for squirrels and other wildlife. This makes it a great addition to any landscape where wildlife are present. It can also be used as a natural privacy screen due to its dense foliage, providing additional security and privacy around your outdoor space.

In addition to providing shelter and food for wildlife, the Totem Blue Spruce is also popular because of its low maintenance requirements. It requires very little pruning or trimming to maintain its shape, making it easy to care for. It can also tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, making it perfect for both dry climates and moist climates. This makes it an ideal choice for busy homeowners who don’t have time to devote to extensive landscaping tasks.

Overall, the Totem Blue Spruce is an excellent choice for landscaping due to its striking blue foliage, hardy nature, low maintenance requirements, and ability to provide shelter and food for wildlife. With its unique beauty and hardiness, this conifer makes a great addition to any outdoor space!

Totem Blue Spruce: Maintenance Requirements

Caring for a Totem Blue Spruce is relatively easy. This evergreen tree can reach heights of up to 40 feet and has a pyramidal shape with bright blue-green needles. It requires little pruning and fertilizing, but it does need regular watering. In order to keep your Totem Blue Spruce healthy, here are some tips for proper maintenance:

Watering: This evergreen needs plenty of water during the growing season. Water the tree regularly and deeply so that the soil is moist but not soggy. Make sure to water around the entire circumference of the tree, not just at its base.

Mulching: Mulching your Totem Blue Spruce helps retain moisture and regulate soil temperature. Use a 2-3 inch layer of organic mulch around the tree, making sure to leave some space between the trunk and the mulch to allow air circulation.

Pruning: Pruning is rarely necessary for this evergreen. If you do need to prune, do so lightly in late winter or early spring before new growth begins. Remove dead or damaged branches and any crossed or rubbing branches.

Fertilizing: Fertilizing is not usually necessary for this hardy evergreen. If you choose to fertilize, use an organic fertilizer in early spring before new growth begins. Follow package instructions carefully when applying fertilizer.

By following these simple maintenance tips, you can enjoy your Totem Blue Spruce for many years to come!

Growing Totem Blue Spruce Trees from Seeds

Growing Totem Blue Spruce trees from seeds is a great way to add beauty to any backyard or garden. The Totem Blue Spruce is a hardy evergreen tree that can withstand cold winters and hot summers. It has a unique blueish-green color to it, which makes it a great addition to any landscape. The tree can grow up to 30 feet tall and provide plenty of shade, making it a great choice for those looking for a larger tree in their yard or garden. Growing the Totem Blue Spruce from seed is an easy process that requires little maintenance and will result in beautiful trees that can last for years.

The first step to growing the Totem Blue Spruce from seed is to purchase the seeds. These are usually available at local nurseries or online. Once you have the seeds, you need to prepare them for planting. To do this, soak them in warm water overnight before planting. This will help soften the outer shell and make it easier for the seedlings to emerge.

Once the seeds are ready, you need to choose an area in your yard or garden that will get plenty of sunlight and has good drainage. Dig holes that are two times as deep as the seed’s size and place one seed in each hole. Cover them with soil and lightly tamp down to ensure good contact with the soil. Water generously after planting and keep damp until germination occurs, which usually takes two weeks or so.

Once the seedlings emerge, they should be spaced at least four feet apart so they have enough room to grow properly without crowding each other out. It is important not to over water them as this can cause root rot or other issues with growth and development of the trees. Fertilize your Totem Blue Spruce trees every spring with an all-purpose fertilizer such as 10-10-10 or similar mix specifically designed for evergreens like these trees.

With proper care, your Totem Blue Spruce trees should begin producing cones after four years of growth which signals when they should be pruned back slightly every year so they don’t become too large for your property line or too close together which can cause overcrowding in smaller yards or gardens over time. Growing Totem Blue Spruce Trees from Seeds is easy once you understand all of the steps involved but you’ll be rewarded by having beautiful evergreen trees that will last for many years if taken care of properly!

Planting Totem Blue Spruce Trees

Totem Blue Spruce trees are a unique variety of evergreen conifer that grows in a columnar shape, making it an ideal choice for creating privacy screens and windbreaks. When planting Totem Blue Spruce trees, you should choose a spot that receives at least six hours of full sun each day. The soil should also be well-draining and slightly acidic, with a pH level between 5.5 and 6.5. Dig a hole twice as wide as the container or root ball, and make sure the top of the root ball is level with the soil surface. Place the tree in the hole and backfill with soil, tamping it down firmly around the root ball to remove air pockets. Water thoroughly to help settle the soil around the roots.

Caring for Totem Blue Spruce Trees

Once your Totem Blue Spruce is planted, regular maintenance is essential for optimal growth and health. Water deeply once or twice a week during periods of drought; more frequent watering is necessary when temperatures are high or when windy conditions cause rapid moisture loss from leaves and needles. Fertilize with an all-purpose fertilizer in early spring before new growth emerges; use one teaspoon per square foot of branch spread. Prune as needed to maintain desired shape and size; use sharp pruners or loppers to avoid damaging branches or bark. Mulch around the base of your tree with two to four inches of organic material such as wood chips or bark mulch; this helps conserve moisture and keep weeds at bay.

Pruning Tips for Maintaining Totem Blue Spruce Trees

Pruning is essential for maintaining the health and beauty of Totem Blue Spruce Trees. Pruning should be done when the tree is dormant, usually during winter months. It is important to prune only dead or diseased branches and to remove any crossing branches that may rub against each other. To ensure proper air circulation, all dead or diseased branches should be removed. It’s also important to thin the crown of the tree by removing some of the inner branches to allow light and air circulation throughout all areas of the tree. Additionally, removing any broken or weak branches can help reduce stress on the tree and prevent disease from spreading. Lastly, it is important to remove any low-hanging branches that may be a hazard or interfere with other plants in the landscape.

When pruning Totem Blue Spruce Trees, it is important to make sure that cuts are clean and precise. Sharp tools are essential for this process as they help avoid tearing of bark which can leave wounds susceptible to disease. When cutting off a branch, make sure that it is cut back close to its point of origin so that no stubs are left behind, as this can lead to rot and disease. All cuts should be made at a slight angle above a bud on the branch facing outwards so that new growth will be directed away from the trunk.

It is also important to take into account potential hazards when pruning Totem Blue Spruce Trees such as power lines or nearby buildings before beginning work. Pruning should always be done with safety in mind as it can be dangerous if not done properly. Lastly, it is important to inspect your Totem Blue Spruce Tree regularly for signs of pests or disease so that you can act quickly if needed in order to keep your tree healthy and beautiful for many years!


The Totem Blue Spruce is an excellent choice of evergreen tree for those looking for a tree that can provide both beauty and practicality. Its strong, well-branched form and dense foliage make it an excellent choice as a windbreak, privacy screen or for providing shade. The Totem Blue Spruce’s deep blue-green needles are attractive year-round and its cones add additional interest in the winter months. This hardy tree is easy to care for, requiring minimal pruning and trimming throughout its lifetime. With its unique shape and vibrant color, the Totem Blue Spruce offers a stunning addition to any garden or landscape.

For anyone looking to add some evergreen charm to their property, the Totem Blue Spruce should be at the top of their list of choices. This versatile tree has something to offer all gardeners looking for texture and color in their landscapes. With its hardiness and low maintenance requirements, it’s no wonder why this beloved tree continues to be a favorite among gardeners and landscapers alike.