where to buy olive trees in florida

If you’re looking for where to buy olive trees in Florida, you’ve come to the right place. Florida has a wide variety of places where you can purchase olive trees, from nurseries that specialize in olive trees to garden centers and even online retailers. No matter what type of olive tree you’re looking for, you can be sure to find it in Florida. Whether you’re looking for a small potted tree or a large full-grown specimen, there’s sure to be something perfect for your garden. Read on to learn more about some of the best places in Florida to buy olive trees.Olive trees can be found for sale in many nurseries and garden centers throughout Florida. Additionally, the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences has several research sites with olive tree orchards that are open to the public. These sites include the Gulf Coast Research & Education Center in Balm, the Southwest Florida Research & Education Center in Immokalee, and the Indian River Research & Education Center near Fort Pierce.

Nurseries that Sell Olive Trees in Florida

Olive trees are a popular choice for Florida gardens, offering a range of benefits including attractive foliage, edible fruit, and drought-tolerance. If you’re looking to purchase an olive tree for your garden, there are many nurseries throughout the state that offer them. Here are some of the best nurseries that sell olive trees in Florida.

The Garden Gate Nursery in Orlando offers a variety of olive trees, both standard and dwarf varieties. Their selection includes Arbequina olives and Manzanillo olives, as well as the popular Kalamata variety. The Garden Gate Nursery also offers advice on planting and caring for olive trees, making it a great resource for novice gardeners.

Lemon Bay Foliage in Englewood sells a wide selection of olive trees, including Manzanillo olives and Arbequina olives. They also have a knowledgeable staff who can provide advice on planting and caring for your new tree. Additionally, Lemon Bay Foliage offers delivery services if you’re unable to pick up your tree in person.

If you’re looking to purchase olive trees in South Florida, then look no further than Simply Trees Nursery & Landscaping in Miami. They offer both standard and dwarf varieties of Olive Trees, as well as advice on planting and care instructions. Simply Trees is also known for their excellent customer service and competitive prices.

Finally, Nature Coast Botanical Gardens in Crystal River has an impressive selection of olive trees available for purchase. They offer both standard and dwarf varieties such as the Arbequina Olive Tree and Manzanilla olive tree. Nature Coast Botanical Gardens also offers planting advice on their website so you can get started right away with your new tree!

Buying Olive Trees Online in Florida

If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful addition to your landscape, consider buying olive trees online in Florida. Olive trees are an attractive and hardy evergreen that can provide shade and privacy as well as a source of fruit. Whether you’re looking for a single tree to dress up your garden or an entire grove of olive trees for your commercial orchard, buying them online is an easy way to get the exact tree you want.

When you purchase olive trees online, you can choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and varieties. Some of the more popular varieties include Mission, Arbequina, Manzanillo, and Kalamata. Each variety has its own unique characteristics such as flavor, fruit size, color and growth rate. You can also choose from semi-dwarf or standard size trees depending on the space available in your garden or yard.

When buying olive trees online in Florida, it is important to choose a reputable source so that you know you are getting healthy specimens that have been grown from reliable stock. Make sure to look for nurseries that specialize in growing olives and have experience delivering them across state lines. It is also important to ask about their return policy in case there are any problems with the trees after they arrive.

Once you have selected the right variety of olive tree for your needs, it is important to consider how it will be planted and cared for properly. Olives need full sun exposure with well-drained soil and should be watered regularly during dry spells. Pruning is necessary to maintain the shape of the tree as well as encourage fruit production. Additionally, olives should be fertilized regularly with a balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10.

With proper care and maintenance, olive trees can be enjoyed for many years in Florida landscapes and gardens! Buying them online is an easy way to find exactly what you’re looking for without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Growing Olive Trees in Florida

Olive trees are a popular choice for many gardeners in Florida, providing an attractive and delicious addition to the landscape. The Mediterranean climate of Florida, especially in the southern part of the state, is well-suited to the growth of olive trees. If you are considering growing olive trees in your garden or landscape, there are a few steps that need to be taken in order to ensure success.

The first step is to choose the type of olive tree that will best suit your needs. There are a variety of different types available, ranging from small shrubs to large trees. You will need to decide which type will be most suitable for your particular location and climate. The next step is to prepare the soil for planting by adding some organic matter such as compost or mulch. This will help ensure that your olive tree has adequate drainage and nutrients.

Once you have chosen an appropriate location and prepared the soil, you can begin planting your olive tree. It is important to make sure that the hole you dig is slightly larger than the root ball so that enough room is available for it to spread out its roots. After planting, water well and then mulch around the base of the tree to help retain moisture and protect it from extreme temperatures.

It is also important to prune your olive tree regularly in order to maintain its health and vigor. Pruning should be done carefully so as not to damage any branches or leaves. Regular fertilizing with a balanced fertilizer can also help keep your olive tree healthy and ensure good growth.

Finally, it is important to monitor your olive tree for pests or diseases which may affect its growth or health. If any pests or diseases are found, they should be treated immediately in order to prevent further damage or spread of infection. With proper care and maintenance, your olive tree can provide years of beauty and delicious fruit!


Olive trees grow best in full sun with plenty of room for their roots to spread. When planting an olive tree in Florida, choose a sheltered area as it can be sensitive to strong winds. The soil should be well-draining and the tree should get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.


Olive trees require regular watering but are drought tolerant once established. During the hot summer months, it may be necessary to water the tree every day or every other day until the soil is moist but not soggy. To ensure adequate drainage, water at the base of the tree rather than from above.


Olive trees should be fertilized twice a year in early spring and late summer with an all-purpose fertilizer. Be sure to follow the directions on the package for proper application and avoid over-fertilizing which can burn the tree’s roots.


Pruning an olive tree is important for keeping it healthy and preventing disease. Prune branches that are diseased or damaged, as well as any that are growing too close together or rubbing against each other. Remove any dead or dying branches and shape the tree as desired.


Mulching around an olive tree helps retain moisture and prevent weeds from growing near its roots. Use organic mulch such as shredded bark or straw, which will break down over time and add nutrients to the soil. Keep mulch 2-4 inches away from the trunk of the tree.


Olive trees can be prone to pests such as aphids, scale insects, caterpillars, and mites. To prevent infestations, monitor your trees regularly and treat them with a pesticide if necessary. If you notice signs of an infestation, contact a professional pest control company for help.

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Olive trees can be purchased from a variety of sources in Florida. You can purchase them from online nurseries, local nurseries, home improvement stores, and even online retailers. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may find that one source is better than another for purchasing olive trees. When shopping for an olive tree it is important to pay attention to the variety and size of the tree you are purchasing. You should also consider the climate and soil conditions in your area when selecting a tree. With the right care and maintenance, an olive tree can be a great addition to your garden or landscape.

Whether you are looking for a mature tree or sapling, there is an option available in Florida for purchasing olive trees. With careful selection and proper care of your new olive tree, it can become a beautiful and productive part of your outdoor space for years to come.