Discover the World’s Largest McDonald’s: A Must-Visit Destination for Fast Food Lovers!

The world’s largest McDonald’s has recently opened its doors, boasting an impressive size and a range of exciting features.

World’s Biggest McDonald’s: When and Where Was It Built?


The world’s biggest McDonald’s is located in Orlando, Florida, USA. The exact address is 6875 Sand Lake Road, Orlando. The restaurant is situated near the International Drive tourist area and is easily accessible by car or public transport.


The construction of the world’s biggest McDonald’s began in March 2015 and was completed in August 2016. The restaurant was built on the site of an old McDonald’s that had been operating since 1976. The new building covers an area of more than 19,000 square feet and cost around $15 million to construct.

The building features a modern design with glass walls that allow natural light to flood the interior space. The restaurant also has a large outdoor seating area with views of a nearby lake.

What Makes the World’s Biggest McDonald’s Unique?


The world’s biggest McDonald’s offers a range of unique features that set it apart from other fast-food restaurants. The restaurant has multiple levels, including a mezzanine level that overlooks the main dining area. There are also several self-order kiosks where customers can place their orders without having to interact with staff.

In addition to traditional menu items like burgers and fries, the restaurant also offers more upscale options like sushi and made-to-order pizzas. There is also a dessert bar where customers can create their own sundaes with a variety of toppings.


The world’s biggest McDonald’s also features several entertainment options for customers. There is an arcade with over 100 games, as well as virtual reality experiences and interactive games projected onto tables.

The restaurant also hosts regular events like trivia nights and live music performances. There is even a stage area where customers can perform karaoke.

Capacity of the World’s Biggest McDonald’s: How Many Customers Can It Hold?


The world’s biggest McDonald’s has a capacity of around 1,500 customers. The restaurant has over 700 seats spread across multiple levels, as well as outdoor seating areas. The large capacity makes it an ideal location for large groups or families.


The restaurant is designed to handle high volumes of customers efficiently. There are several order kiosks and cash registers, as well as a dedicated area for mobile order pickups. The kitchen is also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure fast service times.

Despite its size, the restaurant maintains a high level of cleanliness and organization. Staff members regularly clean tables and restock supplies to ensure that customers have a pleasant dining experience.

Who Owns and Operates the World’s Biggest McDonald’s, and What Is Their Vision for It?


The world’s biggest McDonald’s is owned and operated by Oerther Foods Inc., a franchisee of McDonald’s Corporation. The company operates several other McDonald’s locations in Florida.


Oerther Foods Inc.’s vision for the world’s biggest McDonald’s is to create a unique dining experience that goes beyond traditional fast food. The company aims to provide customers with high-quality food options and entertainment in a comfortable environment.

The company also places a strong emphasis on community involvement. The restaurant regularly hosts events to support local charities and organizations, and staff members volunteer their time to help those in need.

Controversies Surrounding the Construction and Operation of the World’s Biggest McDonald’s

Environmental Impact

The construction of the world’s biggest McDonald’s was controversial due to concerns about its environmental impact. The restaurant is located near a lake, and some residents were worried that it would harm local wildlife.

However, Oerther Foods Inc. worked closely with local officials to ensure that the building met all environmental regulations. The company also implemented several sustainable practices, such as using LED lighting and recycling waste materials.

Health Concerns

Some critics have raised concerns about the health implications of offering more upscale menu items at a fast-food restaurant. They argue that it sends mixed messages about healthy eating habits.

Oerther Foods Inc. has responded to these concerns by offering a range of healthy options on their menu, such as salads and grilled chicken sandwiches. The company also provides nutritional information for all menu items to help customers make informed choices.

In conclusion, the biggest McDonald’s in the world is a remarkable feat of engineering and design, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and growth. With its impressive size and state-of-the-art facilities, it is sure to attract visitors from all over the globe for years to come.

The world’s biggest McDonald’s is located in Orlando, Florida, USA and was built on the site of an old McDonald’s that had been operating since 1976. The new building covers an area of more than 19,000 square feet and cost around $15 million to construct. It offers unique features such as multiple levels, self-order kiosks, and upscale menu options like sushi and made-to-order pizzas. The restaurant also has several entertainment options for customers including an arcade with over 100 games, virtual reality experiences, interactive games projected onto tables, and regular events like trivia nights and live music performances.


Where is the largest McDonalds in the US?

Orlando is home to the largest entertainment McDonald’s in the world, located in Orange County, Florida with the zip code 32819.

Which country has the largest McDonalds?

It is not surprising that the United States has the highest number of McDonald’s locations in the world since the restaurant chain originated in the US.

Which McDonalds has the biggest playground?

Located in Orlando, Florida, the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s boasts the world’s biggest McDonald’s PlayPlace, which opened in 1976. This family-friendly environment includes various entertainment features, such as arcade games and pizza, similar to those found in a family entertainment center.

What is the biggest McDonalds in Asia?

The Capital Town in San Fernando, Pampanga recently opened its purple park to welcome ARMYs, the official fanbase of BTS, to celebrate the arrival of the BTS Meal. This location also houses the largest McDonald’s in the country and in Asia.

Does China have the largest McDonald’s?

In Beijing, the first McDonald’s in mainland China was established in 1990 within the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. A bigger McDonald’s, which boasts 700 seats and 29 cash registers, opened in Beijing on April 23, 1992, and served over 40,000 customers on its first day.

Where is the biggest and busiest McDonald’s?

Orlando is the most visited city in the United States with a large number of tourists coming to experience the amazing themed restaurants and theme parks. Additionally, the world’s largest McDonald’s is located in Orlando.

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